An unbiased and unpaid analysis of Semrush

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I’ve been working in the digital landscape over the past six years and have used countless tools for scheduling posts, keyword research, and SEO monitoring. By far, one of the best tools I’ve had the chance to use as a marketer is Semrush.

Semrush has extensive capabilities that marketers dream of — but because of its hefty price tag it can be a tool that many businesses feel cannot justify, especially when subscriptions for other technologies are competing for budget. It all adds up quickly.

If you’ve been looking for a multi-purposed and powerful digital tool, or are just wondering…

And what you can do instead

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Digital Marketing isn’t an easy gig. It’s one where the rules are always changing and it can be difficult to keep up. We’re only human and can fall prey to making digital marketing mistakes without even knowing it

Here are four of the most common mistakes I’ve noticed that digital marketers (myself included) keep making along the way.

1. Trying to do everything — and not well

When it comes to the realm of digital marketing, there are so many different tasks at hand that digital marketers need to stay on top of.

And it’s overwhelming.

From curating social posts across different platforms, running campaigns, monitoring ads, writing blogs…

Four ways to adapt technique if you’re not writing for mobile

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Check the daily Screen Time on your device. I dare you!

Do you have a daily average of two hours like me, or up to four hours a day like my husband? You’ll probably be shocked or a bit embarrassed upon the discovery. ‘Do I really spend that much time on my phone everyday?’

Let’s face it — we do. The way we consume content has changed forever and naturally, this means the way we write must follow suit.

Confession time

I have a confession. I wouldn’t call myself a ‘writer.’ I like to write, and I love em dashes. But alas…

Self-awareness is the first skill you need—self-regulation, empathy, and other elements of emotional intelligence depend upon it

A woman sits with her hand on her chin and a pencil in her hand. She has a notebook in front of her.
A woman sits with her hand on her chin and a pencil in her hand. She has a notebook in front of her.
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You’ve heard of the term before, and you’ve probably even inferred that someone doesn’t have it. Oh, but you definitely have plenty of it. That’s right — it’s a little thing we like to call Emotional Intelligence.

Believe it or not, Emotional Intelligence is a term that seems to have been in our vocabulary forever, but the concept was actually forged 30-odd years ago. The correlation between high Emotional Intelligence and effective leadership has been brought into the spotlight for more than 15 years.

Want to lead more effectively? Your level of Emotional Intelligence has a big part to play…

Reality check: here’s what people actually care about

A woman reads a book will sitting on and around stacks of books.
A woman reads a book will sitting on and around stacks of books.
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There’s probably a small handful of brands that just ‘get’ you. When they communicate across multiple channels you find the copy tremendously engaging, they remarket the right message at the right time, and you genuinely enjoy taking the time out to read their content.

As a consumer, I can only count on one hand the number of brands that spark a genuine interest in me—I’ll prioritize their emails and stop the scroll on social to read their posts from start to finish.

Have a think about it. What brands understand who you are, and appeal to you in their marketing…

The non-negotiable pages you need on your site — pronto.

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I was recently doing some work for a client — it had been a while since their website had a content refresh. When I took a look and realized that they had over thirty pages, I was in disbelief. They were a small business, for crying out loud!

Their web designer (despite designing a beautiful site) had created an excessive number of web pages, with content that really could have been combined or was non-essential. The user journey wasn’t logical and was lacking a clear site ‘flow.’

When you’re designing or refreshing your website, you always need to keep in…

And how to create an All-Star profile in less than an hour

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LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool that influences the way in which you can relate to others in an organizational and business context online.

For individuals, it’s a great place to show off what you’ve been working on or share some workplace wins in a contextually appropriate way. We all have that nana who shares everything you post on Facebook, and nana’s friends aren’t the right audience to see your work-related accomplishments. Sorry nana, we’re switching to LinkedIn.

When I discover that someone (who has a job or searching for one) is not on LinkedIn, I’ve come to the point…

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“Our company newsletter is boring to read.”

Dear Marketing Mailbag,

Our company newsletter is boring to read. The open rates have been declining, but our team is fairly risk-averse. How can I make the newsletter more creative or engaging, while still aligning with our company goals and the newsletter’s original purpose (product updates, announcements, etc.)?


Sleepy While Sending

Read my response on the Marketing Mailbag advice column!

How an ordinary nun built an extraordinary brand

Mother Teresa.
Mother Teresa.
Philip K on

Mother Teresa is a woman who will be remembered for generations to come. Her personal brand is incredibly popular in modern-day society, more than 20 years after her death.

While some question her motives and methods, most recognize her for leaving a legacy of selflessness and compassion.

After all, there are over 102,000,000 Google search results for her name — she’s definitely known for something.

In the aim to create long-lasting brands that stand the test of time, how can we follow Mother Teresa’s example to create beautiful and meaningful brands that help others create solutions and overcome challenges?


Here’s how the recruiters will calculate it

A person holds dollar bills.
A person holds dollar bills.
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It’s that dreaded question freelancers squirm at when talking to a prospective client — what’s your rate?

It almost feels like a trick question.

If I charge a higher amount, am I making it harder to win clients? Do I even want to work for clients who are not prepared to pay my full rate?

Or, is having a lower rate a deterrent that infers my quality of work is a reflection of my rate?

Am I worth more than this? Am I getting ripped off? Am I in way over my head?

Knowing what to charge as a freelancer…

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